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Nature Study - Learning About Turtles

We will also occasionally bring home some visitors to observe. Don't worry we always return them to the exact spot we found them after their visit. This is especially important for turtles. A couple years ago we brought home a box turtle that we found in the middle of the road. We took a few days to learn all about Lightning the Box Turtle. We utilized several resources including our Apologia Land Animals book to learn all about turtles and their habitats, the food they eat, etc. We even learned how to identify the sex of a Turtle, Lightning was a male. We also learned that Turtles are really fast and NOT slow like all the childhood stories suggest. Check out the video above that we made of our visitor Lightning.

Here are a few things we always have on hand so we can bring home visitors to study:

-10 gallon aquarium and plastic terrarium
-rocks, sand, dirt great substrates for many critters
-water bowl, large rocks, logs