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Gift Ideas For Nature Lovers

If you have a little nature lover that you need to purchase for this holiday season here are my top 10 nature lover gift ideas. What better way to encourage a love of the outdoors than by giving them gifts that will spark their interest and love even more.

  1. Binoculars - There is no need to get a super expensive pair of binoculars to start. I have found that the simple, inexpensive binoculars work just as good for little explorers.
  2. Nets - There are a couple types of nets that little nature lovers will need for their expeditions like a scoop net and water net it just depends on what critters they like to wrangle.
  3. Critter Carrier - After wrangling their critters they will definitely need somewhere to put it so they can further investigate
  4. Field Guides - There are a plethora of field guides available for young nature lovers. These field guides are my favorite for kids, Usborne, National Geographic and Audubon.
  5. Nature Journal - A great way for children to track and remember their outdoor adventures is with a nature journal. Don't forget to include a set of colored pencils too.
  6. Vest - A great, fun way for kids to really find their inner explorer and organize their science equipment is with one these fun safari vests.
  7. Magnifying Glass - Another invaluable and simple tool every explorer needs is a magnifying glass so they can get an even closer look at nature's wonders.
  8. Compass - A good baseplate compass is a must have for every nature explorer. Make sure kids know how properly use their compass too so they will always be able to navigate their way should they stray from the trail. If kids get really good with a compass they can learn to orienteer as well and connect even more with nature.
  9. Nature Center Memberships - Some of our favorites in GA are Elachee Nature Center, Autrey Mill Nature Center and Chattahoochee Nature Center.
  10. Backpack -  throw some other investigative tools into the bag like magnets, tape measure, flashlight and multi-tool. And don't forget a first aid kit as well. 

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